Mark Anthony Cruz: Pride of CAC for Man of the World 2018


It has been 3 years since CAC Talent Camp lead by its National Director Cristian De Guzman started sending his representatives to the PEPPS owned Misters of Filipinas and Man of the World Pageants. From winning last year through Misters of Filipinas 2017 2nd Runner Up John Joseph Hipolito to jumping to the international pageant counterpart Man of the World Italy, it was a continuous learning curve and definitely a lot of adjustments that the Filipino Director based in Rome, Italy was willing to undertake.

First for this year, Anthony takes the stage as Italy’s representative to the Man of the World Pageant. The Fil-Italian hottie who traces his roots from Ilocos was Cristian’s personal choice for this pageant. To quote him, “There is always that much determination and perseverance on the part of Mark. It is not just about being the candidate, he knows what he is there for.  Napakabait na bata and he will be the cornerstone of CAC in future plans to come.” Cristian knew what he was saying definitely since he saw Mark already when the latter decided to join Misters of Filipinas Italy last year and has known the capacity of his candidate in the flesh.


For Anthony’s part, it is evident as to how much preparation he has done as documented to his social media platforms. He is coming home to the Philippines armed with the things he has learned and the preparations he has undertaken. He will always end his posts with #focus #determination and that has been the key since he was named. Mark has also started preparing for his advocacy that he will do alongside the help of CAC. It is always not an easy thing to do but it is something that he will always consider as an adventure of a lifetime.


CAC has always been a home to various Filipino Community talents in Italy where they have avenues to join pageants or develop their careers through modelling and other platforms in Rome and its neighboring cities. Success has slowly been there from them as they progressed through time: handling the career of Miss Golden Universe 2016 Maybel Perilla who won as the first Miss Bachelorette in 2015/16, Misters of Filipinas 2017 2nd Runner Up Jay Hipolito and now through an international pageant, hopeful that he can also be as successful as they are through Man of the World Italy Mark Anthony Cruz.

CAC Talent Camp owns the franchise for the 2018 Man of the World Italy and is lead by its owner Cristian De Guzman. 


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