Misters of Filipinas Kings for Miss Sibulan 2017

3 of the reigning Kings of Misters of Filipinas spent their weekend with the festivities in Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

Miguel Guia (Mister International PH), CJ Querol (Manhunt International PH) and Vincent Jarina (Mister Ocean PH) joined the various festivities leading to the Miss Sibulan 2017 Pageant where they served as judges along with Misters of Filipinas Negros Island Region Director Raffy Duhaylungsod. They were treated to the successful staging of the competition as well.

Congratulations to Sibulan Mayor Jose Abiera and the rest of men and women who made the events successful. Dumaguete would also play host to Man of the World 2017 events from July 21 – 25 which would play host to at least 40 – 50 delegates fighting for the crown to be the ultimate education advocate.

Photos: (Tito Raffy  Duhaylungsod)



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