Jehza Huelar: Will faith woo her a crown?


Jehza Huelar during Saturday’s Parade of Beauties (grabbed from Sir Norman Tinio’s blog)

In as much as your blogger wanted to watch yesterday, faith has always brought me to another commitment needed to fulfill, but I wanted to highlight one of my bets to the Coronation Night to be held on April 30, 2017, who goes by the name of Jehza Mae Huelar, sporting Candidate # 10 this time for Bb. Pilipinas 2017.

When Jehza joined the roster for 2017, I’ve always felt that this is the Version 2.0 for enough for a crown, even if most pageant predicitons exclude her from the list. Having been 2nd Runner Up last year, Jehza probably considered herself more than ready for another shot a crown and I believe she is rightfully worthy of so. In fact, I saw her and 2016 1st Runner Up Angelica Alita worthy of a 2017 shot, (we might have to wait for Angelica next year though *wink*)

Where is Jehza Huelar on your list this time around?


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