From Miss World Philippines to BBP 2017: Will the Princesses be Queens?

3 ladies got me looking into them as the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 contest goes full swing and they had something in common, all of them came from Miss World Philippines and became PRINCESSES to the queens who became the Miss World Philippines of their respective years.

Binibini # 18, Nelda Ibe was the 2nd Princess during Miss World Philippines 2014. She stood away from the limelight after serving her contract with the Miss World Philippines organization and became a cadet pilot at the Alpha Aviation Group and has finished her first commercial flight for her pilot license.

Binibini # 19 Rachel Louise Peters was 4th Princess during Miss World Philippines 2014. After much anticipation, she finally joins this year to gun for the Binibini crowns. She has worked with events and met the likes of Katy Perry and considers herself a certified beach bum and adores dogs as well (as seen in her Instagram page).

Binibini # 2 Arienne Louise Calingo is probably fresh on your memory as she is the 1st Princess from Miss World Philippines 2016 just behind eventual Miss World Top 5 Catriona Gray. Arienne graduated with honors in Georgetown University and can speak multiple languages. If she was almost close to the Miss World Philippines crown, she would most likely be close to winning any of the 6 Binibini crowns.

Nelda, Rachel and Arienne. Who among them will turn into queens after being princesses in Miss World Philippines? Show your support by checking out the Official Binibini account and using the #Binibini2 for Arienne, #Binibini18 for Nelda and #Binibini19 for Rachel.



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