A New Pageant in Miss Culture Worldwide this December


A lot of pageants have blossomed from the past 3 years but not every pageant has identified the cause they would like to promote, now here is something you must look forward to, the upcoming Miss Culture Worldwide Pageant to be held on December 6 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The international beauty pageant sticks with its motto “Exclusively Beautiful and Culturally Engineered” which means every woman is beautiful in their own way, where racism would not be an issue and where culture would always be respected.

The camp activities would be based on the following:

  • Visual Arts Activities
  • Performing Arts

Which would begin in the delegates hometown leading to the Finals on the Host Country (Johannesburg, South Africa). The judging system would be laid down to all contestants with them not being in a guessing game on how to win the competition.

Miss Culture Worldwide is out to give its delegates the real African experience. It includes trips on the following destinations:

1. Trip to Botswana

2. Trip to Lesotho

3. Trip to Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

4. Cape Town within Host Country

5. North West Within Host Country

6. Pretoria within Host Country

For more information on this new pageant, click their Social Media accounts below:



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