Meet Mister International Philippines 2016: Miguel Guia


Following the placements of Philippine bets particularly of Neil Perez, Mister International 2014 is no joke but this guy has always meant business from the day he won the title. Meet Mister International Philippines: Miguel Guia.

Miguel Guia won the top award in the Misters of Filipinas Pageant last September 18 and was termed to be the “Hakot Award” of that competition. He may be a familiar face to you right now as he is the face of MOA Time and soon as the Ambassador of Weddings and Beyond.

From Mister International’s Official Facebook Page:

Miguel Guia considers himself a hardcore gamer. He loves playing video games especially role playing genre but also has a passion for movie and reality shows. When he was in high school, he was trained in special arts where they taught him to compete with other schools. This 27-year-old from San Pablo City hopes to become a Hollywood actor and play a role that audience would love.


Miguel for me has been successful in a lot even at 27. The moment I saw him shine during the nationals, I immediately thought of having him as a winner and boy, your blogger was right.

He has graced shoots, sponsors and shows, can he grace your heart and make you believe that he can be the next Mister International?

(Graphic from Mister International)



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