Mister Grand International 2017 Begins


At first you may be wondering if I am kidding,  but actually, there is an upcoming pageant for 2017 named as Mister Grand International. With no connection to the Miss Grand International which was held last October in the United States, the Mister Grand International would have its first edition in Laoag City, Philippines.

The Pitch:

Welcome to Mister Grand International®!

One of the newest international male pageant in the world and its first debut will be held in 2017 at the City of Laoag, in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Mister Grand International will have its identity as a pageant for humanitarian cause. This pageant will be full of activities such as Photo Shoot, Formal Interview, Swimwear Competition, Formal Wear, National Costume Parade, Speech Competition, and the main highlight, “advocating human welfare” that would mainly focus on each of the candidate’s advocacy in any humanitarian efforts.

Compassion and Humanitarianism are the main slogan for this pageant . The winner must have a good will, and a good heart to do its share in human welfare. The winner will be based in the Philippines for one year and will visit a lot of countries for his international trip.

Franchises are now available and first 20 countries who would be franchising would be getting their franchise fees cheaper. Now, wh0 among those established male pageants would send their delegates here or will another group join the frame for this pageant?

Follow their page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/MGIPageant/




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