From #ComeBackKing of Bohol to #PEPPSKing and more for AR Dela Serna


Seated at the Media/Blogger’s row for Misters of Filipinas Finals Night last September 18, 2016 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Host Ryan Tercero asks the crowd who do you want to win, there were a lot of numbers from the crowd and wanting to join in, I want to get the feel of the crowd by telling the number I want to win  but since your blogger does not have much talent on shouting (your blogger has a raspy voice) went on and raise my hand and flashed my fingers – FOUR – for Ar De la Serna who represented the province of Bohol once more in the recently concluded pageant.

AR after being named as Mister Supranational (Photo by Ms. Joy Arguil)

And when his name was announced as Mister Supranational Philippines – your blogger just whispered, Thank you Lord!

Amongst the 27 candidates, it was Ar whom your blogger got accustomed into as he was a part of the 2015 Winner’s Circle as 1st Runner Up with Don Mcgyver Cochico (Manhunt International Philippines 2015) and Karan Singhdole (Man of the Year International 2016) when I came across with the Prime Events Productions Philippines Foundation, organizers of Misters of Filipinas. Your blogger and AR had not met personally prior to talent night of the 2016 competition, but for sure he knows how much support I had for the three of them. He could just opt to finish the year awarding the 1st Runner Up of the 2016 Pageant, Jeremiah Nicolas, but faith has directed him to go back to chase his dream. It was one of those risks in life that AR was willing to take, get back to the drawing board and compete for a chance at one of the titles sporting the same personality with an outlook that has developed with his experience from last year regardless if the results were in his favor or not and boy, we were sure glad it did.

AR with your blogger during the Misters of Filipinas 2016 Talent Competition.

AR’s Road to Misters of Filipinas 2016 was not an easy ride but he considered it as one of his best experiences as it was different when he joined last year. What made him stand tall despite all the adversities throughout the competition is the support of his family (his mother, Ms. Glorivic Yap was around during the finals night and described silent tears when his son was not named for any Special Awards and her fervent prayers until AR was crowned Mister Supranational), friends who came all the way from Bohol and here in Manila and people in social media who kept encouraging him to push harder for the crown. With their help, AR was able to withstand every part of the competition with a big smile, as he stood upon the runway whether in swim wear, formal wear and the Q&A competition and ended up being the country’s bet to Mister Supranational this year.


About Mister Supranational

From the people behind Miss Supranational comes the Mister Supranational competition, whose aim is to revolutionize the industry, discover new talents and to produce instant celebrities. The first Mister Supranational would be held on December 3 in Poland where 40 candidates would at least be expected to take part in the competition.

As of this writing, your Mister Supranational Philippines along with the other winners are busy with their respective guestings, events and preparation leading through their respective international competitions. Expect no stone unturned for AR as he knows his game plan to bring out the best in himself for the contest, on his side with the help of PEPPS Foundation.

Stay tuned for more updates on AR and his journey to Mister Supranational right here on The Pageant Hub. Good Luck AR! Behind you all the way.




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