Karan Singhdole’s Journey as Man of the Year


Another victory for the Philippines through Man of the Year 2016 Karan Singhdole and indeed, Karan, through the organization has started with its advocacies staying through what Man of the Year stands for: MASTERLY, MINDFUL, MANLY, MUSCULINE, MODERN.


Karan after his victory stayed at Lion Hotel. It’s Located in Bagansiapiapi, Kabupaten Rokan Hilir. there is a turtle conservation in an island near by the city, called Pulau Jemur. Karan would be visiting the island at the end of this year.


Karan also had a chance to go to Kampar Kiri, Kabupaten Kampar and was going to Rimbang Baling. After boating along Subayang River around 20 minute, we reached the WWF base, Subayang Station. It is built by the Ministry of Forestry and Environment of Indonesia. Karan had a chance to plant a tree and label it.

As of this writing, Karan has already flown back to the Philippines to join Neil and Don in promoting Misters of Filipinas 2016, he immediately went to his first event, straight from the airport during the opening of the Francis Libiran Timepieces Store in Glorietta 4. Sir Francis Libiran, a renowned fashion icon is an official sponsor of Misters of Filipinas 2016.


Karan with the icon, Francis Libiran


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