Misters in Focus: Ichin Daclan goes at it for Misters of Filipinas 2016


Ichin Daclan, 29, General Santos City

The second returning candidate in this year’s Misters Of Filipinas, Ichin Daclan represented Saranggani in Misters of Filipinas 2014 and was Top 5 in the Swimsuit Competition. Your blogger remembers watching him then and believed he would be a spoiler to the crown favorites (I am sure he still would this time around).

A professional Fitness Trainer by profession, Ichin spends his time showing people how to be in the best of health (He is a perfect example of that). You would see in his social media feed how he encourages people to go to the gym (something your blogger hopes can do even threadmill right?). This gym enthusiast is also active in sports and an advocate of clean eating. He goes back this year with his eyes on the prize, a title after September 18.

(Tidbit: Ichin joined 2 previous pageants in Mister Philippines 2014 and Century Tuna Superbods 2014).

What made you decide to rejoin this year?

“I wanted to show people that I am a person who does not give up. I am one of the living testimony that not giving up on my dreams plus hardwork, will someday find my own place in the sun, which is why I am giving it one more shot for Misters of Filipinas.”

How can your present job (as a fitness trainer) help you in the pageant?

As a fitness trainer.. we should live a healthy lifestyle and lead others to have a healthy lifestyle as well…

This is probably an advocacy he would dwell on as he participates in the contest.

What would you look forward for in this year’s contest?

“In this year’s contest, I look forward to all activities leading through the finals, probably selected contestants would be of the same character and physique like Mister International 2014 Neil Perez”. (Pretty obvious that all the candidates this year look up to Neil Perez)

Any message to your fans?

. I want you guys helping others and showing the world that gift of pain. Decide what you want to accomplish. Plan and prepare. Put in the work. Struggle and fail. Get back up and try again. Don’t lesten to anyone else. It’s your life you choose how you want to live it. Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head. I am thankful, I  hope we get a chance to meet each other, Lapit lang po kayo sa akin, picture tayo, huwag po kayo mahiya.”

Catch Ichin in the pre-pageant events leading through the Finals Night on September 18, will this fitness trainer go all the way this time?

Misters in Focus highlights the 30 contestants of Misters of Filipinas 2016 made through online conversations and hopefully a short chat with the contestants.


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