Misters In Focus: AR Dela Serna returns for Misters of Filipinas 2016


AR Dela Serna, 23, Province of Bohol (#ComebackKingngBohol)

The Boholano hottie, tagged to be as one of the frontrunners for this year’s contest, surprised many when he tendered his resignation as 1st Runner Up as he was seen to be active in PEPPS promotional events leading to this year. He spent most of his vacation time in his hometown Bohol and ending up surprising many though when he went through the July 2 Casting, going through the process of auditioning once more and returning for a shot at any of the titles in Misters of Filipinas eventually making it through the Grand Callback held last August 2.

Before Misters of Filipinas, AR is a part-time model who earned his college degree at Holy Name University in Tagbilaran.

(Another interesting tidbit, 2015 wasn’t AR’s first time to move up to the winner’s circle: He was 1st Runner Up turned eventual winner during the Mr. Philippine Youth 2012 when the original winner was dethroned)

Who is AR Dela Serna away from pageantry?

Ar De La Serna is just a simple person who dreamed to represent the country in the   international runways. Before I joined Misters. I was busy with school and workout. I was working out way back my college days for fitness and healthy lifestyle.”

What made you decide to rejoin Misters of Filipinas this year?

What really made my decision in joining this year is that, the enormous support that is given to me this year. From social media to my friends in Bohol to my family, they really push me this year to compete and win. And I thank them for that“.

What do you think is the best description of a true Misters of Filipinas?

  “For me a true Mister of Filipinas is someone who has the inner beauty. For outside beauty is subjective. For the experience I had. Pepps is going to be giving you a lot of activities and give you the chance to represent the organization. That’s why a Mister of Filipinas should be a person of substance.”

Any message for your fans and supporters?

I have thank a lot of people, you don’t know how you make me happy each day. Heartfelt thank you to everyone. Let’s keep the fire burning.

Catch AR in the pre-pageant events leading through the Finals Night on September 18, will this Boholano hottie go all the way this time?

Misters in Focus highlights the 30 contestants of Misters of Filipinas 2016 made through online conversations and hopefully a short chat with the contestants.








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