Sunday Specials: Road to Misters of Filipinas 2016

The last screening day for Misters of Filipinas proved to be one of the books, with applicants already flocking as early as 7 AM for a 10AM start of the screenings, they filled in One Esplanade, Pasay City with hope to enter the Official Candidates, here are some notable figures:


Issa Janda (recently resigned as Mister United Continents Philippines 2016)


Joseph Franco Tabbad (competed after Issa’s resignation as Mister United Continents Philippines)


This viral photo of a gasoline boy in Edsa made his way to One Esplanade too (can you get me the name please?)


A police inspector hopes to make his way to the Official Candidates roster and follow the footsteps of Mister International 2014 Neil Perez and Manhunt Philippines Don Mcgyver Cochico


A full-blooded Persian poses with a full-blooded Indian with Pinoy heart, Man of the Year Philippines Karan Singhdole

How many will make it back as an official candidate? It would indeed be a dog fight this time around for a spot in the final roster of Misters of Filipinas 2016.


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