Mister World 2016 Winners


The 9th Edition of the Mister World Pageant was held at the Floral Hall of the Southport Convention Centre in Southport, Devon, England on July 19, 2016.

Nicklas Pedersen from Denmark passed the title to his successor Rohit Khandelwal from India.

Fernando Alberto Alvarez Soto from Puerto Rico was titled as the first runner up and Aldo Esparza Ramirez from Mexico as the second runner up.


Mister World 2016: India (Rohit Khandelwal)
1st Runner-up: Puerto Rico (Fernando Alberto Alvarez Soto)
2nd Runner-up: Mexico (Aldo Esparza Ramirez)

Top 5 Finalists:
-Kenya (Kevin Oduor Owiti)
-England (Christopher Bramell)

Top 10 Finalists:
-China (Chang Zhousheng)
-Poland (Rafał Jonkisz)
-Scotland (Tristan Cameron Harper)
-El Salvador (David Arias)
-Brazil (Lucas Montandon)

Fastrack Challenge Winners:
*Fitness Challenge : Scotland (Tristan Cameron Harper)
*Sports Challenge : England (Christopher Bramell)
*Multimedia : India (Rohit Khandelwal)
*Style and Fashion: China (Chang Zhousheng)
*Talent: Poland (Rafał Jonkisz)

*Mister World Team Challenge : Blue Team
-England (Christopher Bramell)
-Scotland (Tristan Cameron Harper)
-Puerto Rico (Fernando Alberto Alvaréz Soto)
-Poland (Rafał Jonkisz)
-Ireland (Darren King)
-Peru (Alan Massa)
-Mexico (Aldo Esparza Ramirez)
-Spain (Angel Martinez Elul)
-Philippines (Sam Ajdani)
-Switzerland (Betim Morina)
-France (Kevin-Martin Gadrat)




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