Sunday Specials: PEPPS and The Apple Drive Project


After yesterday’s initial casting call, PEPPS spent their Sunday to take part in The Apple Drive Project which aims to give, educate and inspire which transpired in  Barangay Batis Covered Court, San Juan City.

Taken from the The Apple Drive Project , the organization was a campaign to educate indigent kids in both rural and urban areas in the Philippines to advocate a healthier lifestyle by eating apples, instead of candies or chocolates. PEPPS has done various activities like this one for the past year and some of them were in cooperation of The Apple Drive Project.

Mister International 2014 (Mister International Philippines 2015) Neil Perez, Man of the Year Philippines 2015 Karan Singhdole, Mister Asia PH 2014 Christian Mark Galang, Supermodel International PH 2015 Shanice Eve Bailon and the PEPPS team lead by PEPPS President Carlo Morris Galang were on hand for this Sunday event.

Sunday well spent for PEPPS (Photo: Sir Perry)



[Photos: Misters of Filipinas 2016]



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