Will Nicko or AR do a Misters return?


We’ve seen it before in female pageants and the success rate has been there, Dianne Necio, Janine Tugonon, Mary Jean Lastimosa and much recently, Pia Wurtzbach.

Are we going to see the same thing at the male side of pageantry?

Both Nicko Cruz (2014 1st Runner Up) and AR Dela Serna (2015 1st Runner Up – until his resignation just recently) are free from contract obligations from Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation (organizers of Misters of Filipinas 2016), both are still of age bracket until 28 years old and are definitely in tiptop physical shape to join another competition.

But will they join?

Your guess is as good as mine but should they do, I am pretty sure they’ll get everybody’s nod and support – it is still pursuing a dream after all.

Update: Ar Dela Serna was seen in the Casting Call of Misters of Filipinas 2016, never thought your blogger will get the answer easily, but hey, Goodluck AR! 🙂 


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