The International Appeal of Kylie Versoza


Truth be told, during the Bb. Pilipinas 2016, I had my thoughts laid on Kylie Versoza winning the Miss Universe Philippines crown, but then again, faith  didn’t agree to that, we have Kylie for Miss International 2016.

She was honored recently at Star’s Women of Allure and indeed, she’s Beauty and Brains, her personality is a bit fierce for me compared to previous Miss International delegates but your blogger believes it is somehow of the right texture to slay everyone in the competition.

The 5’8″ beauty from Baguio in her interview said: “We all need to have a strong mindset. I believe we all need to dream big. These big dreams of mine eventually motivate and push me to strive harder.”


Do we have ourselves a placement in Miss International 2016? Only time could actually tell, your blogger really hopes for Kylie’s success in her competition. Miss International 2016 would happen on Tokyo, Japan this year.

Have you missed Kylie’s Star Article:

Photos: Philstar



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