Kiara Giel Gregorio: One with the Earth as Miss Philippines Air

kiara_gregorio (merrell_shoot)
Kiara Giel for Merrell (Credit to the owner)

Your blogger had a toss up between Imelda Schweighart and Kiara Giel Gregorio as who she thinks would win Miss Philippines Earth 2016.

With the crown falling into Imelda’s lap, Kiara Giel who was a front runner in the competition with various sponsor awards was awarded as Miss Philippines Air (no surprise for me that they both landed in the Top 2).

Kiara may not be competing in an international pageant, but she is definitely one with the Earth as she continues to do her advocacies in connection with Carousel Productions and the Miss Philippines Earth Foundation.

This former Miss  Filipino Community of London has a lot on her sleeves (and I am sure she is up for the challenge).

Follow Kiara on her Facebook Account:

and on IG: kiara_giel.

[Been following Kiara since she started last year as Mutya ng Pilipinas – United Kingdom and her stint with Miss World Philippines won by Hillarie Parungao, indeed she is something to definitely watch out for as who knows, she might open the door for pageantry after her stint here as Miss Philippines-Air]




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