The Pageant Hub’s Thoughts on AR Dela Serna, his loyalty to PEPPS and what’s next?


Another pageant blogger covered all details significantly well, please read Pageant Sentinel by Giovanni J. Yazon

The 23 year old Boholano hottie has already announced his resignation from PEPPS and doing activities in lieu of Misters 2016 and now what gives?

Alberto Rodulfo “AR” Dela Serna was one of those winners from PEPPS that your blogger has followed from the beginning of his journey through Misters 2015. We had not seen each other personally, but his demeanor and his way of talking with fans would make you love him more. (He already had a fan base in Buddies, whom he shares with reigning Manhunt Philippines Don Cochico).

On the brink of numerous pageant resignations, AR stayed loyal to the organization, your blogger even remembers the surprise party which was thrown for him by PEPPS, if that isn’t loyalty, I wonder what you mean by that.

His resignation brings about a lot of questions to this date, some of which may make people speculate from time to time, so some of them are partly answered here:.

  • Is he transferring? As far as I have read and learned, he is not (Numerous people have already had it in their mind that he is transferring to another management).
    PEPPS VP Jhune Salud already addressed the issue that there was no issue with PEPPS and AR is also not transferring to any other camp.
  • What brought him to resign? Personal Decision, AR had always emphasized that and  he has been grateful to PEPPS.
  • Will he consider joining one more time? Only  AR can tell.

People behind the organization cannot downplay speculations, but those who know AR, you definitely know the answer to all this.

For now, the former Misters 2015 – Tagbilaran City, Bohol enjoys his time off back in his hometown, still answering messages, commenting through every fan’s comments and addressing the buddies who still went out their way to support both AR and Don.

To my dear AR: I’ve always admired how you, Don and Karan stayed within the organization until the end, loyalty is definitely unquestionable, and while your blogger is stunned to know you did resign, rest assured that the #buddies and your Madam (yes, AR calls me Madam) would support whatever you do – whether be successful in another goal or to come back and join Misters 2016 – 2017 or 2018.




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