Misters 2016 The Pageant Updates

AR Dela Serna: From 2nd Runner Up to 1st Runner Up

After a string of resignations left and right to which your blogger would not go into detail, placements and who will crown whom has already been finalized with the pageant franchises of PEPPS:

Mister International 2014 Neil Perez will be on hand to crown the Mister International Philippines 2016 which would happen later this year. Rein Villareal, Mister International Philippines 2015 and Mister International 2015 Top 10 Finalist has tendered his resignation with PEPPS and joined the group of Gentlemen of the Philippines.

Manhunt International and Man of the Year are two other pageant franchises under Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation, with Don McGyver Cochico and Karan Singhdole expected to compete this year. They would also crown their respective successors in the 2016 Pageant.

AR Dela Serna who was promoted to 2nd Runner Up assumes the 1st Runner Up title vacated by Kevin Fichera, who also jumped ship to Gentlemen of the Philippines. AR, Don McGyver and Karan make up this year’s PEPPS reigning winners.


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